More than just jewelry, it's a style

BelleB is an eclectic style mix of punk, urban, gothic, and glam. It is bold, ornate, and defies the norm. It also uses a wide variety of materials that provides drama and depth to the pieces. Part of the brand is exclusivity, and while some designs are produced in larger quantities, others are singular pieces of that design.

BelleB fills custom orders for whatever creative needs you may have, including but not limited to:  everyday wear, special occasions, fashion venues, weddings, and wholesale ordering.

Meet the  Designer

I bring out alter egos...

Designer Meahdi has always walked on the creative side. Years of an overactive imagination and need to create led to BelleB in the fall of 2013.  What started out as a hobby blossomed into something much more.   She began to understand that her craft is more than just jewelry- it’s a style, an attitude, a statement.   It isn’t a singular style, but a meshing of several very different ones to form a unique look.  A self-professed Creatrix, all pieces are handcrafted and original.  Each one carries a little piece of her as she pours light, fun, and love into her work. BelleB’s signature is in the details and intricacy.  Expect to be the object of attention when wearing this exclusive jewelry.  Her work attracts the eyes of those with a taste for flair, and especially those who occasionally take a stroll on the wild side. She hadn't forseen herself being a featured designer in fashion shows, having her work published in several print magazines such as Gothic Noir and London leBlanc, or launching a website.   Meahdi believes that every designer has their rightful niche and will quickly say ‘I can’t accessorize everybody by myself.’ Watch for her as she continues to gain momentum and recognition, and solidify her place in the fashion world.