More than just jewelry, it's a style

Born in the fall of 2013, BelleB has since evolved into the phenom of wearable style, statement, and attitude. Intricate yet bold, it's an eclectic mix of punk, urban, gothic, and glam.  A wide variety of materials are utilized to provide drama and depth to the pieces. Part of the brand is exclusivity: while some designs are produced in certain quantities, others are singular pieces of that design. Expect to garner attention and conversation when rocking BelleB.

BelleB fills custom orders for whatever creative needs you may have, including but not limited to:  everyday wear, special occasions, fashion venues, weddings, and wholesale ordering.

*BelleJr, the girls' division, is a miniature version of BelleB, with designs created by 11 year old Miss Karah.  

Meet the  Designer

the creative Southern belle...

Jewelry Designer Meahdi is a Birmingham, AL native. Growing up, she was very creative with an eye for detail and fancied unique jewelry.  A home burglary in which most of her jewelry collection was stolen planted the seed of BelleB.

Meahdi has interviews and publications in national magazines such as Gothic Noir and London leBlanc. She has been a featured designer in a number of fashion shows, with BelleB accessories as stand alones on the runway .She has also collaborated with fashion designers and stylists, creating custom pieces for show collections.  Meahdi believes that every fashion creator has their rightful niche and will quickly say ‘I can’t accessorize everybody by myself.’ Watch for her as she continues to gain momentum and recognition, and solidify her place in the fashion world.